RUIDERO # 14th street | NYC | 2017
Laia Solé + Thelma García

What is noise [ruido]? Can noise be appealing? Is noise the great experience of current digital era? How noise affects our experience?

Ruidero is a participatory work that invites passersby to explore everyday life “noises” within city streets. Ruidero isolates and emphasizes specific “noises” –visual and auditive– found in the streets creating what we call "an enhanced present." We use online-related technology (QR codes located along the street) to render the experience accessible to passersby, who are invited to use their smartphones and headphones to connect to a series of "noisecapes." We walk and stop by specific places to experience ruidero's soundtracks and overlayered images as they blend with the everyday life of the street.

The first iteration of Ruidero took place in 14th street New York City within Art in Odd Places | SENSES | 2017, curated by Jodi Waynberg, Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful, Rocío Aranda. And curatorial manager, Christina Daniels with curatorial assistants: Claire Gohorel, Katelyn Ahladas, Sofía Reeser del Río, Jing Cui, Kara Nandin, Paulina Kowalczyk, Zoé Fornara, Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle, Katrina De Wees, and Susan Joy Rippberger.

You may experience some of the "noisescapes" of 14th street clicking 14th ST HITS and listening them as you walk.