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Artist, researcher and educator. Laia Sole Coromina has developed a body of work centered on space and experience, which she likes to approach and respond to with a wide range of materials, processes, and actions. She believes that space is central in the experience of contemporary life. She has vanished walls in constructions sites and in galleries through video-related technology, explored change and informal economies in public spaces through drawing, transformed the experience of time and space being through sound, to unfold new ideas about spatiality.
Some of Sole Coromina works have been exhibited at Cuchifritos Gallery (NYC, 2018, 2016), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona, 2016), The Drawing Center (NYC, 2015), Fundació Chirivella-Soriano (València, 2015), among others. Other works instead, have been only available on site and for the time being, such as Ruidero (NYC, 2017), Chromakeying (Sao Paulo, 2012), Kaboom! (NYC, 2017). She has been resident artist at LABMIS (Laboratorio Museu da Imagem e do Som) in Sao Paulo (Brazil), among others.
Sole Coromina graduated in Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona (2000), and at Teachers College, Columbia University (NYC, 2018) with a doctoral thesis on play within socially-engaged art practices. She has taught art education at different educational institutions in Spain and US, and is currently professor and director of the department of Arts & Science Teaching at Universitat de Vic (UVIC-UCC). She is involved in research on creative processes.

Artista, investigadora i educadora. Laia Sole Coromina ha creat un cos de treballs centrat en l'espai i la seva experiència, al que s'aproxima i hi respon a través de materials, processos i accions diverses. Creu que l'espai és un aspecte central en l'experiència contemporània. Ha fet desaparèixer murs i parets al carrer i a centres d'art a través de tecnologia audiovisual, ha explorat les economies informals a l'espai públic a través del dibuix, ha transformat l'experiència del temps i l'espai a través del so, per generar noves idees sobre l'espaialitat.
Alguns dels treballs de Sole Coromina han format part d'exposicions a Cuchifritos Gallery (NYC, 2018, 2016), The Drawing Center (NYC, 2015), Fundació Chirivella-Soriano (València, 2015), entre d'altres. Alguns treballs, en canvi, només són accessibles en el temps i espai estant, com és el cas de Ruidero (NYC, 2017), Chromakeying (Sao Paulo, 2012), Kaboom! (NYC, 2017). Ha estat resident a LABMIS (Laboratorio Museu da Imagem e do Som) a Sao Paulo (Brasil), entre d'altres.
Sole Coromina és llicenciada en Belles Arts per la Universitat de Barcelona (2000) i per Teachers College a Columbia University (NYC, 2018) amb una tesi doctoral sobre el joc en socially-engaged art. Ha treballat com a educadora a diferents institucions educatives a EUA i Espanya, i actualment és professora i directora del departament de Didàctica de les Arts i les Ciències a la Universitat de Vic (UVic-UCC) i fa recerca sobre processos creatius.

Contact email: lalaiasole@gmail.com